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About Omega Mind Clinics

At Omega Mind Clinic, we are firm believers in being guided by the patient’s specific wants and needs. We work in partnership with family and carers where appropriate, to reach the best health outcomes, together.

We use a ‘biopsychosocial model’ to help identify and diagnose patients’ conditions, which involves a holistic view of physical, mental social, cultural and spiritual context that influence our health and wellbeing. This method has proven success in better understanding a patient’s condition and unique treatment needs.

Our entire team prides itself on spending time with our patients, to really ‘get to know’ a patient before developing a personalised treatment plan, which is especially important for new patients seeing a psychiatrist for the first time.

All our patients can be assured that their time and financial investment in their health will be well spent, without a rushed diagnosis or treatment plan.

Learn about being part of our team.


Dr Jasvinder Singh

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Books Are Currently Closed - Not Accepting New Patients

Dr Jasvinder SinghLanguages Spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

Dr Jasvinder Singh is a highly experienced consultant neuropsychiatrist with a keen interest in research and teaching. Dr Singh aspires to treat patients using a holistic care model and helps patients achieve their optimum mental, physical, social, and personal wellbeing.

Dr Singh has expertise in managing a range of mental health conditions including mood, anxiety, psychotic, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. His special area of interest is Neuropsychiatry. He has extensive experience of working as a consultant neuropsychiatrist in a regional tertiary centre in UK. He has vast experience in the assessment and management of neurological conditions with a neuropsychiatric profile including epilepsy, stroke, multiple sclerosis, functional neurological disorders, traumatic and other acquired brain injuries, movement disorders including Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s, sleep disorders and dementias.

Dr Singh did his undergraduate medical training  from India in 2001. He did his postgraduate training in psychiatry from Yorkshire and Humber Deanery, UK in 2008. He completed his master’s in clinical Psychiatry (MMedSc) from Leeds University, UK and later gained Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych), UK in 2008. He completed his specialist training in psychiatry from UK in old age and was accredited with CCT in old age in 2012. He completed his fellowship in psychiatry from the Royal Australian and New Zealand college of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP) in 2019. He is currently working both in Public and private sector.

Dr Singh is a Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University. He has been involved in research and is a published author in research journals. When not working he enjoys spending time with his family, travelling, playing sports, listening to music and reading nonfiction books on culture, spirituality, philosophy, mind and brain.

Professional Memberships

  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand college of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP)
  • Membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych)
  • Specialist certificate (CCT) in Old Age Psychiatry from the General Medical Council, UK.
  • Master’s in medical sciences (Leeds University)

Dr Sampath Arvapalli

Consultant Psychiatrist
Books Are Currently Closed - Not Accepting New Patients

Dr Sampath ArvapalliLanguages Spoken: English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu and Kannada

Dr Sam Arvapalli is a Consultant Psychiatrist with a range of experience across public and private sectors. Having worked in the UK and Australia, Dr Arvapalli has treated a wide range of patients in both rural and urban settings over the last 15 years.

Dr Arvapalli’s special interests include the treatment of addiction disorders and improving access for patients in rural and remote locations through telepsychiatry.

Areas of expertise include addiction disorders, personality disorders, Adult ADHD, general adult psychiatry and medicolegal reports. Dr Arvapalli completed his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in 2001. He received is Specialist Recognition from the Royal College of Psychiatrists – UK in 2010 with his Specialist Recognition from The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Australia in 2019.

Professional Memberships

  • Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand college of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP)
  • Membership of the Faculty of Addiction Psychiatry – RANZCP
  • Membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists – UK (MRCPsych)
  • Specialist certificate (CCT) in Substance Misuse Psychiatry from the General Medical Council, UK.
  • RANZCP – ADHD Network

Dr M Shahzad Ali

Consultant Psychiatrist
Books Are Currently Closed - Not Accepting New Patients

Dr Shahzad AliDr Shahzad Ali is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has been practicing psychiatry in Queensland for over 10 years. He has a wide experience of working as a consultant psychiatrist in public and private mental health sectors.

Dr Ali did part of his post-graduate studies from United States where he was also involved in conducting research work. He obtained his Fellowship from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (FRANZCP) in the year 2018. He also completed Masters (MSc) in Clinical Psychiatry from one of the most reputable academic institutions in UK, Cardiff University, in addition to acquiring Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry (DCP) from The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ireland. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at the University of Queensland.

Dr Ali has a wide experience in assessment and treatment of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, personality disorders, and adult ADHD. He uses holistic biopsychosocial model of treatment to provide quality, evidence based mental health care for his patients.

Dr Teresita Greenwood

Consultant Psychiatrist
BSc (Magna Cum Laude), MD, FRANZCP
Books Are Currently Closed - Not Accepting New Patients

Dr Teresita Greenwood

Dr Greenwood is a Consultant Adult Psychiatrist whose areas of interest include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Adult ADHD and Neurostimulation.

She obtained her Doctor of Medicine from the University of the Philippines in 2003, the premier university in this country. She worked in general practice for three years before moving to Australia in 2006 for further medical training. She initially worked as a Senior House Officer in the public sector assigned in various medical specialties, before she joined the specialist training in Psychiatry in Australia. She had training rotations in the Gold Coast, Ipswich and at the Toowong Specialist Clinic. She attained her Fellowship with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2016.

Dr Greenwood has been in private practice psychiatry since 2015. She runs a session with the Neurostimulation Clinic at the Toowong Private Hospital and is an ECT and TMS proceduralist.

Dr Nishanth Jayarajan

Consultant Psychiatrist
Next Available Appointment - January 2024

Dr Nishanth JayarajanDr Jayarajan is a consultant adult psychiatrist with 15 years of experience in Psychiatry. He completed his preliminary training in psychiatry at the renowned National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in India and became a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry in 2015. Dr Jayarajan has served Indigenous Australian communities in Far North Queensland prior to working as a consultant across emergency, inpatient  and community mental health teams in Cairns and Ipswich.

His areas of expertise include anxiety, mood disorders, psychoses and personality disorders. He has a special interest in psychotherapy and is trained in CBT, DBT, Solution focussed therapy, Transference focussed psychotherapy, and other psychodynamic approaches. He facilitates a DBT group in his public work. He is currently nearing completion of a Balint leadership training program and leads Balint groups for doctors and other health professionals.

Dr Jayarajan works within an evidence based framework that is characterised by collaborative, person centred and holistic care. He is passionate about helping clients make meaning of their individual stories while supporting their recovery through pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment.

He continues his work in Queensland Health alongside private practice and is involved in teaching medical students and interns. He has also served as an examiner for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry and has a keen research interest.

Dr Jayarajan has a special interest in mind-body connection and is a yoga teacher in training. Outside of work, he enjoys sports, gardening, spending time with his young family and perfecting his coffee and tea making skills

Dr Lincoln Pauliah

Child & Youth Psychiatrist
Next Available Appointment - February 2023

Dr Lincoln PauliahLincoln has been practising Child & Youth Psychiatry since 2003 in Australia. His medical qualification are MBBS,DPM . His Certificate of Advance Training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry from University of Melbourne & Monash University & RANZCP Psychiatry Fellowship. Lincoln had since worked in three states (Victoria, Western Australia & Queensland). He had worked in Public service and part time doing private work in Toowoomba & Ipswich since 2014.  

Lincoln consults for the age group of 6-21 .

Lincoln has a special interest in ADHD, Anxiety Disorders & Autism Spectrum Disorders. He provides comprehensive assessment, diagnostic work up & management plan in the above areas. The management plan is individualised,  patient & family centered approach incorporating evidence -based practice in Pharmacological therapies.

Member World Federation of ADHD.

Member Youth Mental Health SIG RANZCP.

Member Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

Dr Fahd Malik

MBBS, FRANZCP, Cert. Child and Adol
Next Available Appointment - January 2023

Dr Fahd MalikDr Fahd Malik MBBS, FRANZCP, Cert. Child and Adol., is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialised in children, adolescents, and young adults (ages 6 -21). He trained as a specialist psychiatrist in Queensland and spent more than 10 years across different mental health services in Queensland, ranging from regional services such as Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay to more specialised centres including Queensland Children Hospital and Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. 

Dr Malik offers comprehensive assessment and treatment for a wide range of mental health disorders including Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Trauma Related Disorders, Eating Disorders (including Anorexia Nervosa and ARFID), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Early Psychosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, and behavioural issues. Dr Malik also works with young people who identify with any gender or sexual preference.

 Dr Malik is a fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) and a member of Australian and New Zealand Academy of Eating Disorders (ANZAED). In public service, he is currently a staff specialist in West Moreton Hospitals and Health Service. He is happy to work with other medical, allied health professionals and schools as part of a multi-disciplinary team. 

 Outside work, Dr Malik loves spending time with his young family and enjoys gardening, cricket, volleyball and bush walks. 

Dr Anjali Sainani

Consultant Psychiatrist
Only accepting perinatal referrals - Available October 2022

Dr Sainani is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. She has vast experience in clinical psychiatry managing and treating psychosis, mood and anxiety disorders in adult population. Her special interests include Indigenous Health, Women’s Mental Health including mental health problems associated with pregnancy, childbirth and the first post-natal year, chronic pain, co-existing mental and physical illness. She also has training in acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness.

“Professionalism, communication, and quality health care are my strengths. My treatment philosophy is focused on a holistic approach combining both pharmacological and psychological treatment options.”

Dr Shanmugam Mohan

Consultant Psychiatrist
Next Available Appointment - December 2022

Dr Mohan is a consultant psychiatrist who holds a diploma in psychological medicine. He is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in UK and a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand. 

Dr Mohan has practiced for over 25 years in general adult psychiatry in acute, inpatient and community settings both in private and public sector. He has work experience in India, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He was a former honorary associate professor at Auckland University and has been actively involved in teaching psychiatry for medical graduates and postgraduates over the past decade.

His approach is patient-centred, holistic, recovery focused with a culturally sensitive view. He is a firm believer in psychological and family interventions.

Dr Shanmugam Mohan has special interests in:

– Mood disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, ADHD, neuropsychiatry, psychotherapy.

Dr Tarun Sehgal

Consultant Psychiatrist
MBBS, DCP, MSc(Neuroscience), PGCME, CCT, FRANZCP, FRCPsych
Next Available Appointment - November 2022

Dr Tarun Sehgal is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Divisional Director in a busy public health service. Dr Sehgal has worked in Mental Health for more than two decades. He received basic training in Psychiatry from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK. After completing MRCPsych qualification in 2009 he became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK faculty. He completed further higher training in General Adult Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Psychiatry and Consultation Liaison Psychiatry. He has an interest in neurological basis of mental disorders, he has completed a Master of Science in Neuroscience from Kings College, London. He has wide experience with working for various health services and in many sub-specialties in Psychiatry. He has been working in Australia since 2015 and is a lead Psychiatrist in his present network. He achieved the Fellowship of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in 2016. He has a special interest in service development, mental health awareness, prevention in mental health and Mental Health related medicolegal work. Besides working for Queensland Health, he works for Work Cover Queensland as an Independent Medical Examiner and a Medical Member for the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

He has an interest in management of mood disorders, adult ADHD, PTSD, medicolegal work and early psychosis. He chairs several local forums and is an active member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He was awarded Fellowship with the Royal College of Psychiatrists (FRCPsych) in 2021 for his contribution to mental health in the last decade. Dr Sehgal is passionate about promoting awareness of mental health disorders and establishing support networks to help with early diagnosis and intervention in mental health. Dr Sehgal would like to see a society free from the stigma of mental health disorders. Dr Sehgal has been instrumental in developing and upcoming smart application called SOLH APP in this quest to create a better, healthy, and supportive system for everyone’s mental health needs.

Telehealth Psychiatrists

Omega Mind Clinics is excited to introduce our new telehealth-only service, providing access to psychiatric review via a remote option. If you would like to access this service, please have your GP complete a referral to one of the below doctors and email it to admin@omegaclinics.com.au. Admin will get in contact with you to book an appointment once your referral is reviewed by the specialist.

This service is available for 291 one-off assessments and ongoing management.

Please note: This is not a bulk-billing service - You can view the appointment fees under the Services tab.

Dr Swapnil Palod

Consultant Psychiatrist
Next Available Appointment - February 2023

Dr Swapnil Palod is a psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience working in in the NHS in the United Kingdom. He completed his higher training in St Georges University of London in Psychiatry of Learning Disabilities and has a special interest in Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry including Intellectual Disability, Adult ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders. He moved to Australia with family in early 2020 and has been working in Queensland Health. 

He has presented his research at various international conferences and has co-authored publications. 

He enjoys cycling and has raised funds for various charities including National Autistic Society and Cancer Research by participating in cycling events in the UK, Europe and India. 

Dr Meetiksha Malhotra

Next Available Appointment - November 2022

Dr Meetiksha Malhotra is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

She completed her medical degree in India and went to the UK to higher training in child and adolescent psychiatry. She worked and trained across various parts of the UK including completing her higher training in child and adolescent psychiatry at St Mary’s Higher training scheme, London Deanery. She has worked at the University College of London and various other tertiary care hospitals and community mental health settings.

Her areas of interest include working with children and their families with neurodevelopmental disorders. She has special interest in assessment and management of ADHD, ASD, Tourette’s disorders and children and adolescents with learning disability. Dr Malhotra has worked with children and young people presenting with complex mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and psychosis. She believes in offering a holistic care that includes not only management with medication but also therapeutic options including working with families and children. She can offer parenting interventions, behaviour management interventions.

She was the Special Education Needs governor for an outstanding primary school in London. In her role she helped develop care pathways to support the learning needs of children with special needs. This involved supporting staff training and accessing specialist learning techniques for children and liaison with families.

Dr Malhotra moved to Australia in 2020 and has been working with Queensland Health since then.


Dr Lynda Firth

Senior clinical psychologist
BSc(hons) Psychology, BFA (VisArts), MAppPsych, PhD, MAPS, FClinColl
Next Available Appointment - Maximum 1-2 week wait currently

Dr Firth has been practising for twenty years in psychology and as a registered Clinical Psychologist for over twelve years. She is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society, Clinical College. In her professional history she has been a Full Professor at universities in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane and senior researcher in the UK. She has co-authored a book and published nearly a hundred papers in international research journals. Her PhD research was working with The British Army whilst lecturing at the Royal Military College of Science in the UK. She originates from the UK where she completed both her BSc(hons) and her PhD. She also studied post-graduate research at The University of Oxford under a Medical Research Council Scholarship. She has studied at postgraduate level in Counselling and Clinical Psychology at The University of Queensland.

Dr Firth applies an evidence-based eclectic model of therapy to helping patients understand, manage and move forward from their mental health difficulties. She has experience in working with mood, anxiety, behavioural issues, addiction, and adjustment disorders including complex grief. She specialises in the treatment of trauma-related disorders, particularly Complex and Chronic PTSD. Working extensively with adult survivors of child abuse, she has found that often other mental health issues arise such as mood difficulties, personality disorders, addiction, and chronic pain.  People in psychological distress cope the best they can which can lead to less helpful coping strategies being adopted. She takes a person-centred approach to patients, treating them as respectful and insightful people who want to move forward and are ready to work towards self-fulfilment.

Dr Firth also has a visual arts degree and practices as an artist which she finds therapeutic. In her spare time, she has bred miniature poodles and has three of her own that bring delight into her life, along with her son and adult grandchildren who live locally as does she. She loves Springfield as does her husband, a retired architect originally from Sydney.

Only considers DVA patients who are referred for service-related PTSD. 

ADHD Coach

Bec Thompson

Next Available Appointment - Maximum 1-2 week wait currently

Hello, I’m Bec. I am a mother of 3 teenage children who have ADHD. I also have ADHD, so I ‘speak’ ADHD fluently. Years of lived experiences have seen me, initially, have to confront and then navigate that fear and sense of the unknown when my 7-year-old son was initially diagnosed a decade ago. Learning how to advocate for my children whilst teaching them their strengths in both Primary and High School wasn’t always easy. However, my skills have seen them successfully transition from the structure of school life, and the problems of the playground, to the freedom of University and the workplace. Having struggled through numerous medical appointments, without our ADHD Medical Professionals having the time to offer any practical day-today help, I believe ADHD Life Coaching is the missing link this community desperately needs. After owning and successfully operating a number of Wellness businesses, I decided to undertake formal studies to become an ADHD Coach. I believe every client can reach their potential to succeed given the right tools, strategies, and systems. I am in a position to offer that bridge and would be honored to work with you. 


Please contact the clinic on 07 3447 9090 or email admin@omegaclinics.com.au to book in with me. 

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