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Please ensure that your bank details are registered with Medicare prior to your appointment. Reception staff will be able to claim the rebate for you if they are.

  • Ongoing Care Initial Consultation Fee $525 – Medicare rebate of $255.90. 
  • Ongoing Care Standard Follow Up Appointment: $330 – Medicare rebate of $130.85.
  • Ongoing Care Longer Follow Up Appointments: Start at $445 – Medicare rebates start at $180.55.
  • 291 One-off Assessment (selected doctors only and must be specified on the referral): $700 – Medicare rebate of $444.90.

Cancellation within 48 business hours or non-attendance of your confirmed appointment will result in a charge of 100% of your scheduled appointment fee which will need to be paid prior to rebooking.

Please note: These fees are reviewed annually and updated on March 1st.  
ADHD PATHWAY FEES – Effective 1st January 2023
  1. ADHD Nurse Practitioner Initial Assessment Fee $210 – Medicare rebate of $86.80.
  2.  Initial Psychiatrist Consultation Fee $525 – Medicare rebate of $255.90. 
  3. Standard Follow Up Psychiatrist Consultation Fee $330 – Medicare rebate of $130.85. 
  4.  ADHD Nurse Practitioner Follow Up Consultation Fee $105 – Medicare rebate of $58.85.
  5. (6-monthly reviews as required) Standard Follow Up Psychiatrist Consultation Fee $330 – Medicare rebate of $130.85.
Please be aware that the nurse practitioner appointments are not billed under DVA and if you are a valid DVA card holder, you will need to pay the full fee for this.
ASD ASSESSMENT FEES – Dr Swapnil Palod & Dr Meetiksha Malhotra 
From 1st March 2023 onwards:


  • Initial Appointment (65 minutes)
    • 45-60 minute Initial Consultation Fee $525 – Medicare rebate of $255.90.
    • Additional time is spent collecting family collateral (Min. 20 minutes) which is bulk billed.
  • Follow up Consultations (1-1.5hrs each) and 2-3 are required for the completion of the assessment:
    • Long Follow Up Appointments $445 – Medicare rebate $180.55.
    • Additional time is spent collecting family collateral (Min. 20 minutes) which is bulk billed.
  • A final report is required to complete the assessment which will take a maximum of 1.5hrs and is billed at $330 + GST per 30 mins spent (Maximum cost for report $1089).

Please note: Appointments need to be paid in full before you are able to receive the Medicare rebate.

We accept DVA white, gold and orange cards – Please make sure you have checked with DVA that you are covered for your appointments.

If your appointments are covered by a third party, please ensure you have your claim number, case manager and case manager contact details ready for reception staff at your first appointment.


If your consultations are covered by a third party, please ensure you provide admin with the relevant details for billing.


The Medicare Safety Net provides patients with additional financial assistance for out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital Medicare funded services. The difference between the doctor’s fee and the Medicare rebate is the patient’s out-of-pocket cost.

The threshold is indexed annually from 1 January and operates on a calendar year, 1 January to 31 December.

For more information on the Medicare Safety Net & Extended Medicare Safety Net, please visit Services Australia’s website


Our Other Services

As well as diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions, we provide the following other services:

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Consultation Fees

We are a non-bulk billing clinic. For information on billing, and Medicare rebate information, please contact us.

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Mental Health Nurse Practitioners
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We understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a psychiatrist with capacity for new patients, Omega Mind Clinics has 3 mental health nurse practitioners who are available within 2-4 weeks. 

Our skilled Mental Health Nurse Practitioners specialise in addressing mild to moderate mental health issues (excluding ADHD). Upfront cost: $210 with a Medicare rebate of $86.80. Appointments are available in person and via telehealth. 

Receive personalised assessments, medication management, and therapeutic interventions tailored to your needs. Benefit from collaborative care with access to support from our Omega Wellness Centre’s allied health team. Empower yourself with education and guidance for managing your mental health effectively. Experience compassionate care designed to help you thrive. 

No referral required, contact our clinic to book on 07 3447 9090 & select option 2 for Springfield.